Many doctors struggle with, how to pick a revenue cycle management (Medical Billing) company for their private medical practice.

Here are a few tips on how to pick a good if not great Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Billing) Company as a partner for your private medical practice.

First, it is not the biggest name in the business that matters.

Large revenue cycle management companies will entice you with a few free bees but you are just a number for them. Their process is that the billing is completely automated. So, 65%-70% of your claims will be processed automatically, but the remainder 30%-35% of the claims will be sent back to your practice.

This creates a lot of headaches for clients like you. You will have to hire a dedicated person to manage the most difficult part of the revenue cycle process, which is; rejected and denied claims.

When you pick a trusted company like s2n2 Medical Business Solutions (for Medical Billing) you will have less than 2% rejected claims and we guarantee, we will never send back any denied claims to your practice for you to rework.

I have met many doctors who think they are getting a very good deal from these large revenue cycle management companies, but these doctors end up paying a whole lot more on the back end, with additional in-house billing staff and also hiring another company to work on their AR (accounts receivables).

You should partner with a Medical Billing company like s2n2 Medical Business Solutions who will treat you as the most important client that you are.

We work as an extension of your practice. You will always get a live person on the line every time you have a question.

With a large revenue cycle management company, you are just a number. Whenever you have a question you have to open a ticket. And then hope that the service desk person on the other end of the globe will understand your problem, when and if, they call you back.

Reach out to us for a complementary practice analysis.

Remember this may be the most important decision for your practice profitability.

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